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1 a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over
2 (cricket) the act of delivering a cricket ball to the batsman
3 the playing of a game of tenpins or duckpins etc

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  1. present participle of bowl


  1. A game played by rolling a ball down an alley and trying to knock over a triangular group of ten pins; ten-pin bowling
  2. Several similar games played indoors or outdoors.
  3. The action of propelling the ball towards the batsman.
  4. A particular style of walking associated with urban street culture.
  5. In the context of "gerund": The action of the verb to bowl.

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a game played by rolling a ball down an alley
several similar games
(circket) propelling the ball towards the batsman
a walking style
action of the verb “to bowl”



From bowling.


  • /bu.liŋ/


fr-noun m
  1. bowling
    Elle adore jouer au bowling.



  1. bowling; a game played by rolling a ball down an alley

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Bowling is a sport in which players attempt to score points by rolling a bowling ball along a flat surface called the lane into objects called pins. There are many forms of bowling, with the earliest dating back to ancient Egypt, while other instances where bowling was first seen can be traced to ancient Finland and Yemen, and much later in 300 A.D. in Germany.
Many bowlers in this new era have begun to adopt the 2 handed technique in order to maximize pin action. Pro bowlers Jeff Leiber and John Hopkins have revolutionized this new style sighting a noticable increase in ball speed and acuracy. PBA rules state as long as 2 fingers are in the holes, a second hand is allowed. Traditional one handed style is still used by most of the PBA field.

Indoor variations

Included in the indoor category:
  • Ten-pin bowling: In the United States, tenpins is the best known form of bowling, which in both amateur and professional versions, is also played around the world, making it one of the largest participation activities. The balls have two or more drilled holes in which to insert fingers for gripping the ball.
  • Candlepin bowling: Played in eastern Canada and in New England, a variation of ten-pin bowling, with "double-ended" pins that are the tallest in any bowling sport.
  • Duckpin bowling: Commonly found in the mid-Atlantic and southern New England states and eastern Canada, is another variation of ten-pin bowling involving small, squat pins, sometimes with rubber at their widest points (rubber band duckpin bowling). The official small pin is about 9 3/8 inches (24 cm) high and 4 1/8 inches (10 cm) in diameter at its widest part. It weighs no more than 1 pound 8½ ounces (700g). The standard duckpin ball has no finger holes. The maximum diameter is 5 inches (13 cm). For duckpins and candlepins, the maximum weight of the ball is 4 pounds 12 oz (1.7 kg).
  • Five-pin bowling: Played in Canada.
  • Nine-pin skittles: Played in Europe.
  • Bumper bowling: Ten-pin bowling played with the addition of barriers to the channels, making "gutter balls" nearly impossible, popular with children's parties.

Outdoor variations

The second category of bowling is usually played outdoors on a lawn. At outdoor bowling, the players throw a ball, which is sometimes eccentrically weighted, in an attempt to put it closest to a designated point or slot in the bowling arena.
Included in the outdoor category:


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